Why Put Crown Moldings Over Interior Doors?

Crown molding is similar to baseboards in that the material helps border a room and frame living spaces. Crown moldings come in a variety of depths and thicknesses and designs, and they are usually cream or white in color, although they can also come in custom colors. When you put crown moldings over doors, you improve the appeal and allure of the living space you have. Here are some reasons to consider putting crown moldings over interior doors. [Read More]

Why You Should Use Window Inserts

Are you experiencing drafts in your home? Or, maybe you're just having trouble keeping your home at your desired temperature. Whatever the case may be, before you rush out and install brand new windows and doors, consider adding in window inserts. These simple inserts can have a very positive impact on your home and its comfort level and are well worth your while. Stay In Style A common reason that people avoid window inserts is because they think they will change the way that their windows look. [Read More]

Winter Weather Garage Door Issues: Tips For Homeowners

Winter weather brings with it a lot of different hazards for your home. While most people address the HVAC concerns, window and door conditions, and other similar issues, the garage door is often overlooked. The truth is that winter's cold temperatures can damage your garage door and its components too. Here's a look at what you need to know about your garage door and the risks that winter can pose to it. [Read More]

3 Signs That You Need New Garage-Door Springs

In order to operate properly, your garage door has to have good-quality springs that are in good condition. Plus, along with ensuring that your garage door works as it is supposed to, making sure that your springs are in good shape is imperative if you want to help prevent garage-door accidents, such as from the garage door falling and potentially hurting someone. If you don't know a lot about garage doors and their maintenance, you might not know how to tell whether you need new garage-door springs. [Read More]